10A6C163-8370-4909-A075-5B90BF349B5F.jpgiLike now has a developer platform that lets you embed the iLike player in a web page and play just about any song on demand. There are three main functions:
  • iLikeDisplaySong - displays/plays a single song
  • iLikeSongChooser - search and select a song
  • iLikeDisplayPlaylist - to display/play a playlist
The terms-of-use is refreshingly simple: We're starting with the hope that it simply breaks even. If it turns out to be profitable, we may find a way to share revenue with our best developers. If a few developers use the system a ton and it costs us too much to support them, we may ask them to help us cover the costs. But for now, the service is free, please use it and build cool stuff, and if you build something that's really popular, we're sure we can all make something good come of it.

The code for displaying a song is straightforward - just include some iLike javascript and away you go. For instance to play a song, use the code:

  iLikeDisplaySong({elId: "song1", songName: "roundabout", artistName: "yes"});
APIs that make it easy for 3rd parties to embed music, like this iLike API are going to really help new music exploration and discovery companies connect people with music. Via Doubtful Sound.

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