On my nightstand this week is the book called The Future of Music. This book offers a look at what changes are going to happen in the music industry over the next 10 years.  Author David Kusek does an excellent job describing the current state of the music industry, how we got to where we are, and what is going to change. Kusek says that soon: 'Music will flow like water'.  We will have easy and ubiquitous access to music, and just like water it will be (or at least seem to be) free.  That doesn't mean that people won't make money selling music.  Just like Evian can make a profit selling bottled water at a price more expensive than gasoline, there will still be a way for people to make money selling music. It's just that the current recording industry won't hold the keys to the kingdom as they do now.  An excellent book for anyone in the business of bringing music to the consumer.  (Thanks Matthew for the suggestion).


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