One of the really nice benefits of working at Sun is their flexible office and work from home programs. I've been working from home now for a couple of years. I go into the office just one day a week. Its great for my productivity, and for my family life too, I get to see the kids before and after school, and I save lots of time normally spent sitting on route 3. Of course, sitting behind a computer day in and day out isn't exactly great for my physique (not that programmers are supposed to care ..), so I've taken up walking on a daily basis. I've been walking about 9 miles a day. Today was a milestone day, I managed to go the whole day without driving anywhere. Since Sunday I've driven exactly 7 miles and have walked 27 miles ... alas tomorrow is my day to drive into Burlington ... so that will be 50 miles of driving just in one day. Ah well...


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