My buddy Sten, is a long time Java developer as well as the only developer on the planet to contribute to three of the coolest Java projects ever: Project Darkstar, Search Inside the Music and the RCI - a cockpit interface for a tactical reconnaissance camera (which when it went airborne in 2000 may have been one of the first instances of Java flying in a cockpit).

Sten is now blogging about Java and development. Sten has a dry sense of humor that make these informative posts fun to read. An example, Sten talks about IntelliJ IDEA: I approached this IDE with suspicion, mostly because I didn’t trust its CamelCase spelling. However, I figured that they were trying to spell “Intelligent”, which I could certainly relate to, but made a typo with the “J”, got flustered, stopped, and tried to distract from this blunder by shouting the second word.


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